Full Mouth Restoration in Brampton - Best Dentist Brampton

You may need to invest in more comprehensive restorative treatments if you suffer from one or more dental issues or complications that include but are not limited to, cracked or chipped teeth as a result of trauma or injury, tooth decay that leads to one or more missing teeth, and stained or discoloured teeth as a result of everyday use or consumption of highly acidic food and beverages.


Fortunately your Brampton dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and associates at Riverstone Dental Care and North Park Family Dental Care, can offer an ideal solution to effectively resolve all your dental issues and restore your overall oral health in the form of full mouth restoration treatments.  


Are you in need of emergency dental care? Brampton residents can rest assured that Dr. Crisol and her team will provide you with utmost care, performing a variety of dental procedures with the purpose of achieving complete restoration of your teeth in both a physical and cosmetic aspect. In other words, a full mouth restoration treatment involves the use of different dental procedures to improve overall tooth and mouth function, as well as enhance the visual appearance of your smile.


Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Crisol and the team at Riverstone Dental Care and North Park Family Dental Care will custom tailor a treatment program that specifically targets the problem or problems that you are currently suffering from. For example, if you have sustained an injury that ultimately led to a crack or chip in your tooth, Dr. Crisol will recommend using a restorative material like a porcelain veneer to conceal the crack, or even offer a dental crown to replace the damaged tooth completely. 


In situations where you have lost a substantial amount of teeth as a result of severe tooth decay, a dental bridge or set of dental implants may be a more suitable solution for you. The restorative material used being dependent on the amount of teeth you have lost and the severity of the issue. 


Regardless of the restorative solution that is offered to you, Dr. Crisol and her team will be pleased to assist you with all of your dental needs. Searching for a dentist near me? Well look no further than Riverstone Dental Care and North Park Family Dental Care, where Dr. Crisol’s goal is to exceed your expectations with quality dental care. Contact us today to learn more!