Tooth Extractions in Brampton - Emergency Dental Care Brampton

Your Brampton dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and the team at Riverstone Dental Care and North Park Family Dental Care are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain an exceptional level of your oral health, by ensuring the restoration and preservation of your teeth. However there are exceptional circumstances when the removal and extraction of teeth are deemed a necessity. This includes the following dental complications:

  • An overcrowded mouth that may be negatively affecting the position of your teeth.
  • Severely decayed teeth as a result of cavities or a general lack of care for your oral health.  
  • Susceptibility to infection or disease.

An overcrowded mouth is a dental issue that can pose a serious threat to your overall oral health, because if there is not enough space in your mouth for new teeth to grow, it may erupt incorrectly and cause damage to your existing set of teeth. In situations like this, a tooth extraction is a necessary dental procedure. In addition, if your teeth have decayed to the point where a root canal treatment or antibiotics are not enough to treat the infection, then it is important that the infected tooth is removed as soon as possible. Lastly if you are susceptible to infections that lead to gum disease, it is advised that you have the affected tooth removed in an effort to salvage and preserve your overall oral health. 


At both our Riverstone and North Park locations your Brampton dentist, Dr. Marianette Crisol and Associates can do a tooth extraction for you, should you require it. In preparation for the extraction, Dr. Crisol and her team will conduct a thorough examination that includes a review of your dental and medical history, as well as an x-ray to determine the extent and severity of the damage done to your teeth. Depending on your unique situation, you may be referred to an oral surgeon. 


There are two types of tooth extractions:

  • The first is a simple tooth extraction that is often performed when the tooth is distinctly visible. This process involves numbing the area with an anesthetic and removing the tooth with forceps. 
  • The second type is a more comprehensive procedure called a surgical extraction. During this process, your dentist or oral surgeon will surgically extract a tooth by cutting across the gum line and retrieving the tooth with forceps.

Need emergency dental care? Brampton residents can contact Dr. Crisol today to inquire about the tooth extraction services that we provide.